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What will be the Legal Tech Trends of 2021 (and what will definitely not!)

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As our CEO recently stated in an op-ed in Forbes, the future looks bright for the legal tech industry. After two record-years for legal tech investments, 2020 dropped a bit in total but ended well. With new vaccines on the market and an economic boost expected just around the corner, 2021 is set to be another record year.

Because what 2020 lacked in investments (which wasn't a lot), it definitely had in legal tech adoption. As we have also described elsewhere, the pandemic has forced a digital transformation across all industries, and the legal industry was no exception. Legal tech seems to have reached the slope of enlightenment on Gartner's hype cycle. There is less focus on over-hyped technologies such as robot lawyers, blockchain-enabled smart contracts and fancy AI-tools that never really works.

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